My last supper

How sad, my last night in A Coruna and there is still so much left to see and eat!

Just came back to A Taberna de Cunqueiro where I came for a drink a couple of nights ago. Lots of people were drinking vermouth with orange from the barrel. Obviously had to try it and I quite like it. Also it comes with half a meal for free of Galician soup, cheese and a square bit that I thought was bread but when I picked it up was some ham hock/terrine thing. Tasty!!

Also goes down pretty well with a plate of scallops!!

Thought they were glued at first, however realised they weren’t when I knocked one off (whhops), it seems people balance their cents in the wall of this place, figure it must be for luck:

Do I have to go home??

Clearly my last sunset is begging me to stay….