Ended where I started

Last day in A Coruna. Had a tasty breakfast of tomato and olive oil on bread with a coffee for €2.66!

Took a walk into the old town and found yet more great places, including a park over looking the marina with the tomb of Sir John Moore in the middle. I think he was some sort of war hero (sorry history not my strong point).

John has a pretty good view from his tomb:

Pig cape anyone?…

Also took a walk towards a large looking building over looking the bay. Seems it was a Spanish science museum – Domus. 

I think this may be Domus, quite a chunky lad, it seems some parts of his body may be unfairly out of propotion, judge for yourself:

Had a quick peruse in the museum. They had some interesting bits and a large wooden heart in the centre from which the sound of a heart beat continually echoes throughout the museum. 

The Mona Lisa above was made out of hundreds little faces as below close up:

Lots of Spanish school kids in here having a whale of a time as it’s very interactive, especially the net that measures the speed and force of a goal:

Having left the museum I took the back streets back to the pulpo joint I came to on Friday. Just had to have one last racion before I leave:

The pulpo is so good you can have it a second time…

A Coruna, it’s been a pleasure. 

Over and out until the next trip.


O Fiuza and other sights

Took a very long walk today and saw a mark on my map I must have done a few weeks ago at home. The flag marked an Octopus bar O Fiuza. This is it. Looked pretty much nothingy from the outside:

Well I’ve just walked in and it seems to be a neighbourhood joint pretty much full of old Spanish men. You can imagine their faces when a blonde, freckly English woman walks in. 

The staff speak no English but they were very smiley and in my best rubbish Spanish and by pointing at the hand written menu on a whiteboard behind the bar I’ve just been given this tasty lot:


Yum yum yum.

No fork supplied. The guy just pointed at the cocktail sticks on the table. Fine by me. 

There is something to be said for walking off the beaten track!

On my walk found some other great places and views.

My €1.95 mini breakfast:

The cow hide boat in the castle I got in for free:

Time to head to the beach to catch some rays. Beautiful day 🌞🌞🌞.

Pulpo paradise aka A Pulpeira De Malide 

This is what I came for. Pulpo (octopus), cachelos (potato), pan (bread), vino tinto (red wine) and agua con gas (sparkling water). Even ordered in Spanish – get me!!

Wow, completely exceeded my expectations. The octopus and potatoes perfectly dressed in olive oil, sea salt and pimento – just right for dipping the bread in. Delightfully chilled red wine on the side.

If I’m ever on death row make this my last meal. In food heaven right now! 

So simple but bloody beautiful. That’s my lunch sorted for the next few days!!

La Coruna here I come

Well it seems quite sometime since I’ve taken a trip abroad so here I go again.

A few weeks ago I saw a documentary called Secret Spain which involved Alex Polizzi going to La Coruna in the Galicia region of Spain. The place looked great and the highlight for me was that the city is famous for Octopus – pulpo ala gallega. I was sold. Checked out the flights and booked it. I am now heading off to Heathrow for my flight. Can’t wait to wake up by the beach.

Updates to follow…