Ended where I started

Last day in A Coruna. Had a tasty breakfast of tomato and olive oil on bread with a coffee for €2.66!

Took a walk into the old town and found yet more great places, including a park over looking the marina with the tomb of Sir John Moore in the middle. I think he was some sort of war hero (sorry history not my strong point).

John has a pretty good view from his tomb:

Pig cape anyone?…

Also took a walk towards a large looking building over looking the bay. Seems it was a Spanish science museum – Domus. 

I think this may be Domus, quite a chunky lad, it seems some parts of his body may be unfairly out of propotion, judge for yourself:

Had a quick peruse in the museum. They had some interesting bits and a large wooden heart in the centre from which the sound of a heart beat continually echoes throughout the museum. 

The Mona Lisa above was made out of hundreds little faces as below close up:

Lots of Spanish school kids in here having a whale of a time as it’s very interactive, especially the net that measures the speed and force of a goal:

Having left the museum I took the back streets back to the pulpo joint I came to on Friday. Just had to have one last racion before I leave:

The pulpo is so good you can have it a second time…

A Coruna, it’s been a pleasure. 

Over and out until the next trip.