Costal walk

Its not even 11am yet and I’ve walked over 5 miles. Had to try and burn off some of my meat feast from last night.

So I took a left out of my hotel towards the football stadium and the obelisk I’d seen from the beach and started walking along the coast out of town.

Passed a few joggers and walkers but other than that and the further I got, it was pretty much me, the birds, sea and landscape with the odd person and homeless dog.  A load of photos below:

Also encountered some street art:

The obelisk. I think it may have been erected for the millennium and at some time had water water flowing down it:

Cycle path round about. Just in case you fancied going up and down that hill. No thanks!

In memory of all the octopus I’ve eaten:

Mum – a place to pop the campervan!! 

The further inland I got the more like English countryside it became:

Came across a cute homeless dog with a poorly eye. Gave it some clean water:

Having got part way round the coastal trail I headed up the hill to a place marked Los Rosales. Not too sure what to expect but it’s basically a housing area on top of a hill. Stopped for a little rest which included a coffee and of course some brunch made up of a layered tuna salad omlette:

Right then off to find the maze which is supposedly on the top of this hill I’m on!