Parque de San Pedro – a feast for the eyes!

Now this place gets a post all to itself.

Having left the brunch cafe with a little pastry chocolate treat in tow I made my way through Los Rosales which is a small town in it’s own right. Looks like a great place to live with many apartments probably with stunning views. 

I trekked up hill towards the Parque de San Pedro. 

I’m writing this at the highest point and I feel on top of the world.

The views are breathtaking. It’s really well looked after. Kind of reminds me of Teletubbie land in parts due to the hills and lawns.

Shame the dome museum is shut. Lights are on so perhaps it’s just a temporary closure. 
I’ve taken some videos and photos to try and demonstrate how beautiful this place is. It was 100% worth coming up here and I would never tire of this place. If you’re ever in northern Spain absolutely have a walk/drive up here. 


Topped it off with wine and olives overlooking my beach. Happy days.

On the way down encountered a skate park. What teenager wouldn’t want to hang out here???

With a mileage count nearing eight miles, and the sun coming out, only one thing for it back down to the beach to sunbathe.


Costal walk

Its not even 11am yet and I’ve walked over 5 miles. Had to try and burn off some of my meat feast from last night.

So I took a left out of my hotel towards the football stadium and the obelisk I’d seen from the beach and started walking along the coast out of town.

Passed a few joggers and walkers but other than that and the further I got, it was pretty much me, the birds, sea and landscape with the odd person and homeless dog.  A load of photos below:

Also encountered some street art:

The obelisk. I think it may have been erected for the millennium and at some time had water water flowing down it:

Cycle path round about. Just in case you fancied going up and down that hill. No thanks!

In memory of all the octopus I’ve eaten:

Mum – a place to pop the campervan!! 

The further inland I got the more like English countryside it became:

Came across a cute homeless dog with a poorly eye. Gave it some clean water:

Having got part way round the coastal trail I headed up the hill to a place marked Los Rosales. Not too sure what to expect but it’s basically a housing area on top of a hill. Stopped for a little rest which included a coffee and of course some brunch made up of a layered tuna salad omlette:

Right then off to find the maze which is supposedly on the top of this hill I’m on!

Beach followed by more food

Yes they have a ‘baps out’ beach!! Forgot how liberal the Spanish are. 

Spent the afternoon sunbathing in Riazor beach. Perfect weather and a massive beach with mostly Spanish women sunbathing and no kids. Suspect it may be slightly different tomorrow as it’s the weekend and it seems I’m here when the surfing competition is on. That should be great. Really looking forward to it. Saw them setting up today…

Caught a bit of sunset before dinner:

And this is what I plan to do at sunset tomorrow….maybe??!!

Love this place. They have a street named after beer (Estrella) and there are loads of bars down there:

There is a long pedestrianised area with stacks of tapas bars and restaurants that run between the main roads. It’s buzzing. Just stopped at O Sampaio for dinner round one. Went for croquettes and the most beautiful pork with melted cheese on. Mmmmmm. Accompabied by a glass of wine and water was only 8 euros (cost of just the wine at home!)

Also called into a place on Estrella Street – Taberna de Cunqueiro. Ordered a glass of wine and got a mini soup (no idea of what variety but tastes good), cured meat and cheese with bread. Brilliant. Coming back here!! Ordered a second glass and got the same again. Perhaps if they adopted this delicious food with wine approach in the bars in the UK perhaps people wouldn’t end up so battered (including me!!).

Topped off the evening with a limon crepe and beer down the food festival I found this afternoon and came back tonight:

Watched some dudes rock out in Spanish. I think I was the only person that didn’t know the words!!

They even gave me a spin of English in the form of Bob Marley:

They were surprisingly good and finished off with Maroon 5. 

Food/music festival, surfing competion – couldn’t have timed it better. But will i hit the block party tomorrow, that is the question???