Ended where I started

Last day in A Coruna. Had a tasty breakfast of tomato and olive oil on bread with a coffee for €2.66!

Took a walk into the old town and found yet more great places, including a park over looking the marina with the tomb of Sir John Moore in the middle. I think he was some sort of war hero (sorry history not my strong point).

John has a pretty good view from his tomb:

Pig cape anyone?…

Also took a walk towards a large looking building over looking the bay. Seems it was a Spanish science museum – Domus. 

I think this may be Domus, quite a chunky lad, it seems some parts of his body may be unfairly out of propotion, judge for yourself:

Had a quick peruse in the museum. They had some interesting bits and a large wooden heart in the centre from which the sound of a heart beat continually echoes throughout the museum. 

The Mona Lisa above was made out of hundreds little faces as below close up:

Lots of Spanish school kids in here having a whale of a time as it’s very interactive, especially the net that measures the speed and force of a goal:

Having left the museum I took the back streets back to the pulpo joint I came to on Friday. Just had to have one last racion before I leave:

The pulpo is so good you can have it a second time…

A Coruna, it’s been a pleasure. 

Over and out until the next trip.


My last supper

How sad, my last night in A Coruna and there is still so much left to see and eat!

Just came back to A Taberna de Cunqueiro where I came for a drink a couple of nights ago. Lots of people were drinking vermouth with orange from the barrel. Obviously had to try it and I quite like it. Also it comes with half a meal for free of Galician soup, cheese and a square bit that I thought was bread but when I picked it up was some ham hock/terrine thing. Tasty!!

Also goes down pretty well with a plate of scallops!!

Thought they were glued at first, however realised they weren’t when I knocked one off (whhops), it seems people balance their cents in the wall of this place, figure it must be for luck:

Do I have to go home??

Clearly my last sunset is begging me to stay….

Parque de San Pedro – a feast for the eyes!

Now this place gets a post all to itself.

Having left the brunch cafe with a little pastry chocolate treat in tow I made my way through Los Rosales which is a small town in it’s own right. Looks like a great place to live with many apartments probably with stunning views. 

I trekked up hill towards the Parque de San Pedro. 

I’m writing this at the highest point and I feel on top of the world.

The views are breathtaking. It’s really well looked after. Kind of reminds me of Teletubbie land in parts due to the hills and lawns.

Shame the dome museum is shut. Lights are on so perhaps it’s just a temporary closure. 
I’ve taken some videos and photos to try and demonstrate how beautiful this place is. It was 100% worth coming up here and I would never tire of this place. If you’re ever in northern Spain absolutely have a walk/drive up here. 


Topped it off with wine and olives overlooking my beach. Happy days.

On the way down encountered a skate park. What teenager wouldn’t want to hang out here???

With a mileage count nearing eight miles, and the sun coming out, only one thing for it back down to the beach to sunbathe.

Parrillada Mixta – Alcume steakhouse

Been walking past this BBQ joint for a few days now – it’s called Alcume steakhouse. Having pretty much overloaded on seafood over the last few days, and having learnt the Spanish for barbecue (parrillada), I thought it would be rude not to grab a little snack. With this outside who can resist:

With such a choice of meat on the menu. I was left with no option but to go for the mixed BBQ and a couple of glasses of Sangria, which all together cost me €13, what a bargain:

So basically I had a rack of ribs, some delicious chorizo type sausage, chicken thigh and the tastiest beef, and although they don’t look much, the chips were delightful, made from new potatoes I think. No idea what the orange sauce was but it was the perfect accompaniment to the meat.

This is the barbeque king himself:

He definitely deserves a crown.

With an extremely full belly I decided to go back to the hotel for bed. Not before taking in this pretty picture. Gorgeous night:

What a brilliant day I’ve had. Sadly only two sleeps left, but La Coruna, in the words of The Terminator, ‘I’ll be back’.

Santiago de Compostela 

For info this is quite a long post as it’s been quite an eventful day.

As it is rather overcast today I’ve decided to take a train to Santiago de Compestela to see the famous cathedral and whatever else the city has to offer.

Walked the 25 mins or so to A Coruna train station. Picked up some pastries, sweet and savoury for my breakfast. Also thought I may have spotted a waterfall in the city at the end of a street, but I’ll come to that later.

Just awaiting the train. Looking forward to the adventure.

The trains are so much better than in the UK. More like being in a plane than a train but with loads more legroom. I guess many of these trains go a long way:

Once off the train the sun came out. Seems I left the clouds in La Coruna. Just a short walk ahead to the cathedral and a lovely walk at that:

Well this city is beautiful. I’ve pretty much been in the old town area near the cathedral, accepted a tiny area in a big city, but the architecture is great. There are lots of beautiful pedestrianised areas full of tapas bars. It is very much a tourist hub.

Sadly the front of the cathedral is being restored as are some areas inside, but it is well old so probably needs tarting up every now and again. 

There seems to be lots of walkers who seem to have taken the pilgrim route to here. They all look knackered. There are also lots of cyclists whom I suspect cycle the route. 

Being a Sunday it was pretty packed with what seemed like mass services going on repeatedly. Lots of people seemed to be queuing in a very long line inside the cathedral to ’embrace the apostle’. Not being a Catholic I stayed out of this queue and left it to those who were clearly moved to be inside this place.

You could also lean into a box to do confession to a priest. I declined as I’d be there way too long!!

A batch of photos below from the cathedral and city in general. 

Square outside the cathedral:

Front of the Cathedral not looking too great at the moment:

View from the square outside the Cathedral: 

Some woman with lungs of steel playing the bagpipes:

Some kids doing some Acrogymnastics. No idea why!

Entrance to the cathedral:

As you can imagine there are lots of restaurants on the main drag with people having their ‘menu del dia’ however as I do I wondered down some stairs to an interesting basic place with a smattering of Spanish people in. 

One of the waiters came over and told me he is trying to improve his English and they had two Scots in here last year. Am I really the only British person to pass these doors in 2017?? Doubt it!

The guy has rustled me up a mini jug of sangria as it’s normally a litre (I think it maybe the sort with brandy in as I’m feeling a little light headed after a glass!) and I’m just waiting for my mixed paella.

Paella was banging. 

Took a stroll into Parque da Almeda. Now I wish my local park had such glorious views:

Also found an abandoned church type building in the middle of the park. Shame it’s been left to rack and ruin:

Well just having a cafe con leche in the park, in the sun before my train home. It seems to be a Portuguese cafe. 

Guess I’m not a million miles from the border of Portugal hence the influence.  

Back to Santiago de Compostela train station. Not a bad view from here either:

Train was bang on time. 28 minute ride back to A Coruna. 

Now back to ‘the waterfall’ I thought I’d seen earlier, or was it just a figment of my imagination??

Once off the train I got my map out and headed towards where I thought it may be. Looked like it was near a park. Went into the park and there were loads of people just chilling. This is how parks should be used:

Continued through the park and up the hill to the science museum/planetarium:

On the walk up could hear some music blaring out from somewhere. Also saw these ladies looking very excited:

Where are they going? The civic centre of course, where all the OAPs hang out and shake their groove:

Yet again an experience I’d never had encountered had I not gone off the beaten track!

In the meantime, despite having a little groove myself with the OAPs I had still not found the elusive waterfall. 

Realised at this point I was pretty high up so made my way down out of the park. As I exited I was by a massive building which was the opera house. Low and behold next to the opera house entrance was the waterfall. The photos don’t do the size justice. Seemed weird it was right in the middle of the city:

Another great day. Thank you Galicia.

Prawn heaven

Tad tired today. Must be all that sunbathing I’m perfecting.

Popped for some dinner to a great tapas bar. It had the most amazing selection of cured meat tostados:

I ordered a red wine with fizzy lemon which is a revelation in itself alongside warm Spanish tortilla. It was almost runny in the middle and gorgeous:

I then asked for garlic and chilli prawns and this delight arrived which were fresh and gorgeous, with the tastiest infused olive oil. Perfect for dipping bread in:

Wrapped it all off with some Galician cheese and quince jelly for dessert. Such great cheese. Definitely putting some in my case to bring home:

 Full up again. Sleep time.

O Fiuza and other sights

Took a very long walk today and saw a mark on my map I must have done a few weeks ago at home. The flag marked an Octopus bar O Fiuza. This is it. Looked pretty much nothingy from the outside:

Well I’ve just walked in and it seems to be a neighbourhood joint pretty much full of old Spanish men. You can imagine their faces when a blonde, freckly English woman walks in. 

The staff speak no English but they were very smiley and in my best rubbish Spanish and by pointing at the hand written menu on a whiteboard behind the bar I’ve just been given this tasty lot:


Yum yum yum.

No fork supplied. The guy just pointed at the cocktail sticks on the table. Fine by me. 

There is something to be said for walking off the beaten track!

On my walk found some other great places and views.

My €1.95 mini breakfast:

The cow hide boat in the castle I got in for free:

Time to head to the beach to catch some rays. Beautiful day 🌞🌞🌞.