Palmyra Indah – paradise

After a two hour car journey then a 10 minute taxi boat I arrived at Palmyra Indah. What a find. Around six bungalows tucked away on the south west of Lombok over looking Gili Gede. Such a chilled place. Very little around and not very easily accessible by road. Bloody perfect.

My next three days will mostly be spent here:


Cycling and snorkling on Gili T

Had a great nights sleep and had smoked salmon and scrambled egg on the beach for breakfast. While having it spied two youngsters trying to get the perfect instagram pic. They entertained me for ages posing over and over again.

Headed off on my bike this morning north bound for a spot of snorkling. Also risked putting my phone in a waterproof case underwater. Accidently took a video which came out OK. Pics not too bad – promise I’ll improve next time.

Video, my diving off point and pics to follow:

Clearly had no idea I took this selfie! Ha.

After all that snorkling came home and monged around the pool for the remainder of the day. I did ride through the middle of the island on the way back which was quite humbling seeing where the locals live. Must be pretty rubbish see us westerners frivolously wasting money.

Decided to go to the chaotic side of the island for dinner and to get the timetable for my boat to Gili Air tomorrow.

My lovely wheels.

Went to the night market for a cheap tasty dinner. Noodles, chicken, prawn, squid (freshly barbequed), spring roll and a selection of veg accompanied by the tastiest satay sauce and blow your head off chilli sauce. Washed off with a beer for about £3. Beats a Sainsburys £3 meal deal!

Decided to cycle home again in the dark trying to avoid crashing into the tourists and pot holes. For my last night on Gili T decided to chill on my beach in a hammock with a beer. I’m so rock n roll!

Gili T it’s been fun but Gili Air beckons.

Gili T – cool day

I’ve moved house again today to Gili Trawangan. This meant my alarm went off at 6.30am for a 7.00am mini van pick up for the Gili Gili fast boat.

From my place in Sanur it was an hour or so drive to Pandang Bai (bay) where the harbour is.

On the way I saw a woman breastfeeding a baby while on the back of a moped on the expressway – good skills!!

Also saw more swastikas on buildings so had to have a google. Turns out before the nazis ‘stole” the symbol, it was, and still is, an ancient religious icon associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. I suspect the place in Sanur I wrote about in an earlier blog was using it as a symbol of Buddhism as opposed to anything else.

Anyway we arrived at Padang Bai, which I suspect if not full of tourists was once a nice place…

The check in desk where they clearly give boarding cards numbered with your approximate age…..

After a pretty good and fast crossing arrived at Gili T on the East side. Its all a bit chaotic here. Although quite pretty as below.

Off I strolled round the island, shared the footpath with a few goats on my way to the west side to the Gili Teak resort – great bathroom in my bungalow next to the pool and beach. I can even shower next to my very own pet fish…

Had to hit the beach for lunch after my early start.

Bloody lovely chicken satay lunch.

Shuffled over to the pool and the double sunbed for the remainder of the afternoon. Fortunately my bungalow is next to the pool.

I ended up until sunset drinking fruit daquiris in the pool with a US couple that live in Hawaii and three lads from Essex – the weirdest combo ever!

Me and Lorre, who is 60 tomorrow and told me she had a magic mushroom shake for lunch so was off her face. Her comedy hubbie Bill below – also off his face on mushrooms:

Spotted this sign this evening. Quite apt given the alcohol fuelled afternoon.

I shall leave you with this evenings sunset as I head off to bed.

Sunny Sanur

I’ve moved house today and am living in Sanur for the next couple of days. This is my new house and view from my little veranda by the pool:

I had done a booking via but for some reason it hadn’t gone through when I arrived, but the little guy at reception gave me the room for around half the price – bonus.

This place is spitting distance from the beach which you can walk along for miles – which I did. Also stopped for a bit of a sunbathe and swim in the sea. Great sunbathing weather as there is a constant breeze so you don’t swelter. It’s not too shabby here as you can see…

Was starving when I arrived having not woken in time for breakfast this morning. Stopped at a joint on the beach (La Playa) and ate my Nasi Campur with my toes in the sand…

Walked back along the ‘High Street’, which runs parallel to the beach. It was on my walk home I realised how far I had walked along the beach.

Now I am not sure what clientele the above place is hoping for with a name like that???!!!

I’m glad I came here. Slightly more chilled vibe than Canggu – which for me had too many vegans in. This is an older crowd so with more people who give less of a f**k, whereas Canggu was a bit younger and too many selfies and instagramming going on.

I think its time to find this evening’s BBQ on the beach.

So far so good.

Maitai = seafood heaven

This place gets a post of its very own for being amazing, pretty and great value for money.

Got a Maitai punch to start. Basically a rather delish rum and mango ish cocktail accompanied by some coconut chips mmmm. Then on to the main event…

So I went for the seafood platter and the most expensive thing on the menu at £5! Photo doesn’t really do it justice but there were morsels of seafood loveliness everywhere – raw, part cooked and cooked. Every mouthful was like a party in my mouth.
And to top it all off as I sipped my drink out of a straw masquerading as plastic, turns out its not!! Although I did think it was slightly double standards in that we are getting rid of plastic straws to protect sealife but I have just eaten half a tuna…

So for the grand total of about £7.50 I’ve had a fabulous meal. Be lucky to just get the cocktail for that price in the UK.

Beach life – Batu Balong

Took a walk along the beach for about two miles this morning. It’s a bit cloudy today but keeps it quite nice to wander around. I currently live on the edge of Echo beach and I walked upto and along Batu Balong beach. I could have walked for miles and miles as the beaches seem never ending…

Made a little friend
Morning surf school
This guy appeared to be catching his lunch. Not sure what fish it was but he walked off with a bag full
This spiky guy had nothing to do with the fisherman above. Seems he got washed up and died. Got beaten a bit with the ugly stick when he was born!
Canggu High Street. There are loads of trendy shops and eateries along here.
So went to Warung Bu Mi for lunch. Basically they get a plate and you point and they put what ever you want on it to eat. This lot cost me just short of £2! Included mackeral, prawn and chicken and was all lovely.
As I walked down the beach thought I was seeing loads of yellow seaweed as above. However upon closer inspection it was moving and it seems all the crabs in the world hatched in Bali today. See video below…

Well it’s only 3pm and I’ve walked 7.5miles. Think I deserve a siesta.

Chillin’ in Canggu

So I finally arrived courtesy of Emirates – with wifi on the plane!! How technology has moved on! Or am I just getting old???

Having arrived at Denpasar airport I entered the chaos of the arrivals hall. Fortunately I’d had a quick look online about how much to pay for a cab as I read it is a bit of a cab cartel there. Inevitably got a silly cab price “here comes the foreign girl with her rucksack let’s cane her for cash”, so had some fun at the cab desk bartering down the price and pretending to walk away. It’s funny when you come to relatively cheap places in the world you end up bartering over a couple of quid – but I guess it’s about the principal rather than the money. Needless to say I knocked off a third and got it for less than I read online!! Low and cheeky with a smile is my technique.

So, I opted to stay a couple of days in Canggu, much more chilled than the busy areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

I’m staying at a cute little guesthouse called the A7 guesthouse. The staff so far are lovely. I’m just having brekkie at the Grass Terrace – who do breakfast for the hotel. For my first meal in Indonesia it was lovely. Standards have been set:

Advocado, feta, pesto, toms on toast. Well nice. I think you can probably guess this blog, true to form, is likely to be made up of lots of food!!

Fruit is also so tasty:

Best reference to a Disney film I’ve seen in the loo:

Right time to hit the beach.