Oh Olive Oil how I’ve missed you!

As many of you know I’m not a traveller that yearns for foods from blighty. 

However having read Langkawi isn’t that great for food, as opposed to Penang, I read about some Italian guy ‘The Pizza Maker’ so thought why not. I’m a lover of pizza and none has been consumed by me for a while, so I went for a big fat calzone with prawn, mushroom and ham. Well it was lovely. I asked for olive oil and balsamic. Now having tasted it, I realised no olive oil has passed my lips in about five weeks and it was so good. Especially the basil oil they obviously home make.

I know it not a typical thing for a Brit to miss but having tasted it I realised I have missed olive oil, alot. I know it makes me sound a bit posh! 

Along with my calzone I also had an iced Tariq Tea to keep the Asian thing going on. Here is my Italian delight in all its glory:

Time to drink some duty free alcohol I suppose…


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