Food and street art day

So Kent who runs my guesthouse just ran through all the places to get street food and where to see the street art. 

He annotated the map with the blue pen:

Talk about detail, he should be a tour guide. It’s great. Penang is so easy to navigate on foot. 

For lunch Kent recommend Char Koay Teow so I went to the left handed chef. It was so tasty. I think it is the setting fire to it that does it:

It’s kind of like Pad Thai but better with a hint of BBQ. Was tempted to get another plate but resisted!

Food done, now to hunt down the street art. 

Throughout the town on corners of streets there are multiple metal art works, some explaining the history of the relevant street, some just looking funky. 

Below is a collection of the metal work and street art I found:

Above three are examples of the metal work pieces. Various street art to follow:

I think the images demonstrate what a cool place this is.

I also discovered Ton Jetty and had it all to myself so just sat at the very end as it rocked away and chilled out for a while overlooking the bay:

You could see from here the homes of the people that live on the stilts:

Just me, myself and I: 

Decided against using the jetty toilet. It seems you just do you business into the hole cut through the wood straight down into the water. Nice:

In my way home I certainly across a Chinese temple. Thus place was selling people sized joss sticks:

My eyes were stinging a bit from all the smoke from outside this place. It was very pretty with really intricate art work extetnally:

A really lovely Chinese lady inside asked me if I had any questions about the temple. I asked about some of the structure which is Feng Shui related. She also said that during the second world war the Japanese dropped a bomb outside but it didn’t go off and they believe it was due to their prayers that saved the temple. The lanterns on the ceiling can be bought for 800 Malaysian Ringgit (around £150) and people write their names on the yellow labels and they can stay on the temple ceiling for one year:

The lady also suggested I visit the Chinese Temple in Margaret Street in Chinatown, London. What a great interesting lady.

Having been to China, I next went to India:

I’m yet to go to India, however I think little India here in Penang captures the atmosphere, sounds and smell of India, if only scratch and sniff was possible on photo!

I sampled a samosa which was very tasty indeed, then I carried on my way.

Another fabulous day. I can see why people love this place.

I also came to the realisation this time next week I should be home. That is if I decide to get on the plane, or just not bother and become a nomad who continues to collect freckles. It remains to be seen…


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