Over and out – 11 January 2017

Just seen my last Asian sunset at the aptly named Sunset Beach Resort in Langkawi. 

I’m pleased I gave myself a couple of days to chill on the beach and double my freckle count before heading home.

Technically I have another night away but will be in airport somewhere.

I have had a simply brilliant trip and would continue on my journey given the choice, but home beckons. 

Just trying to decide where my next trip takes me…watch this space.


Sticking with the peaceful beach

I did take a little venture to the next beach down from mine Pentai Cenang – needless to say it was chaotic and I’m so pleased I opted for my quieter beach. There is such a stark contrast between the two beaches it is hard to believe they are so near to one another. This is Cenang:

As I got nearer it was packed. Won’t be going back there again. 

I think I will stay with my palm tree on my nice quiet beach thank you very much:

Lazy day doing nothing

Not much to report today except that I decided to do nothing except lay on the beach, read a book, drink some duty free beer and eat some snacks under a palm tree.

I think it is important to do ‘nothing’ sometimes. I once read an article that said when you tell people you are doing ‘nothing’ that is what you are doing and it doesn’t mean your free to do ‘something’. This is nothing and nothing of the best kind:

The most interesting thing I’ve noticed today is that I have a lot more freckles on my calf than I thought!! That is how rock ‘n’ roll my day has been:

Oh Olive Oil how I’ve missed you!

As many of you know I’m not a traveller that yearns for foods from blighty. 

However having read Langkawi isn’t that great for food, as opposed to Penang, I read about some Italian guy ‘The Pizza Maker’ so thought why not. I’m a lover of pizza and none has been consumed by me for a while, so I went for a big fat calzone with prawn, mushroom and ham. Well it was lovely. I asked for olive oil and balsamic. Now having tasted it, I realised no olive oil has passed my lips in about five weeks and it was so good. Especially the basil oil they obviously home make.

I know it not a typical thing for a Brit to miss but having tasted it I realised I have missed olive oil, alot. I know it makes me sound a bit posh! 

Along with my calzone I also had an iced Tariq Tea to keep the Asian thing going on. Here is my Italian delight in all its glory:

Time to drink some duty free alcohol I suppose…

Lovely Langkawi

I have arrived in Langkawi. It was true about the vomiting on the ferry but I was fine. Put my earphones in and listened to Eryka Badu to drown out the Chunk from Goonies esq noises!!!

However I have arrived at my beach apartment and I think I can live with this gorgeous view for a couple of days to round off my trip:


While checking in some little old lady came into reception and popped a flower behind my ear:

I think I’m going to like it here. Also have a great clean room. 

The beer is also really cheap as the whole island is duty free!

Relaxing time I think!

Full up thanks to Penang

I came to Penang and did what I intended. Ate.

Here are a few more things that I shoved in my face. 

Koay Ciap – a duck and egg based soup with a bit of pig intestine and pig blood thrown in. Not for the feint hearted:

Wanton Mee with lychee juice:

Popiah – a Malaysian style spring rolls. No idea what was in it. Also had a nutmeg and sour pear juice with it. Weird taste but good to try:

Lastly I went to the satay man. I was told to go to the man with no lights on his stall which I did. I got a mix of chicken and pork. The pork was like little morsels of deliciousness with the best satay sauce ever. Not much to look at but it was gorgeous:

Just as I thought I’d seen most of the key things popped out for pre ferry trip breakfast and saw yet more street art:

This sign also made me chuckle:

Thought rather than sitting on a plastic seat I’d go for a civilised breakfast at Yin’s Sourdough Bakery. Had a lovely foccacia, scrambled egg, cheese and tomato with a lovely cappuccino. This is a really nice place and quite famous by all accounts. They even had photos of Ainsley Harriet on the wall which the man proudly showed me. Tasty brekkie. Also got a couple if sourdough rolls for my ferry trip. Tasty brekkie below:

Penang has been great. If you are ever this way come here to stuff your face silly.

Final stop Langkawi. Off to take the ferry which apparently everyone vomits on. Happy days!!!

Just me and the locals – North East Penang cycle

Further to my last post I continued cycling around Penang and pretty much cycled up the North East side of the island. It was surprisingly flat so pretty easy going. I went up as far as Tanjung Bungah. As I went along I cut into little roads to the sea and found some great little spots. It was mostly either just me or a few locals. As it was cloudy it was pretty cool so perfect for cycling. Also cycled through a storm which was quite refreshing, although I did get drenched which just made me laugh!

Having left the arts centre I went north and cycled through some areas that looked very affluent. Peel Avenue was lovely and probably an area where quite wealthy Malays live. My bike did look a little out of place:

Also passed a very yellow looking temple:

Here are a few further snaps of the places I found on my little adventure.

My first and probably prettiest find, was what I will call sleepy dog beach. If you look around on the sand there were about half a dozen dogs having a siesta:

To the right of sleepy dog beach were loads of small moored fishing boats and some locals collecting pretty small shells:

From here I could see a little island off the island:

As you can see from the clouds on the pictures above there was a storm brewing but I continued on northbound as the rains came down. Literally the clouds opened and gave me all the water they had to offer. But it was warm so it was fine. I shot off down a side street and took these in the storm:

I think I was the only one crazy enough to be on the beach in the storm!!

Given I was now drenched I decided to take cover in a massive Tesco supermarket I came across. Now this isn’t just any Tesco supermarket. The bottom floor had a massive food hall:

Inevitably with all that cycling I’d built up an appetite. One thing that I have also learnt over the last few days is that Malaysian food halls are pretty good. 

Spoilt for choice I went for some Nyonya food. The lady behind the counter spoke great English. I asked her for whatever she would have and include some fish. She asked, as most places do, “is spice ok?”, which the answer from me is always a resounding “YES”.

So she gave me this little lot:

It consisted of some type of fish stuffed with a chilli based sambal (I think!), a rendang chicken thigh, some sort of veg and tasty tofu, all on a bed of cocunutty rice. She also threw in a free clear stock like soup. It was all really tasty.

What did make me chuckle while in the foodhall was that this place seemed to only have locals in. People were staring at me and clearly wondering how on earth I’d rocked up in here. It happens alot to me, I suspect being blonde and freckly in these places I stand out like a sore thumb, but I just smile and say hello and I usually get a big grin back. These guys were a prime example:

With a full belly, I grabbed a delicious iced latte from another stall and continued on my merry way. The rain had also stopped. Found another beach with more shell collectors and a few people taking a dip and climbing on fishing boats:

Slightly soggy I cycled up Gurney Drive back towards my guesthouse:

Yet another fabulous day. I think.ive probably cycled around 15-20 miles so will probably be feeling it tomorrow. Good job I’m heading to Langkawi to bum around on the beach for a few days.